My Life In Games

Silus and Sage discuss gaming news, reminisce on gaming days of old, and draw comparisons on how the art of game developing has changed. DISCLAIMER: They may or may not be under the influence.

January 10th, 2018    

EP. 13 A Galaxy Too Far Away? Part 2

In Part 2 of "A Galaxy Too Far Away?" Silus covers his latest adventures with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. We then consider a question from Neutron: "Silus and Sage, what are your thoughts on stream rebranding?". We also consider the ins and outs of growing with your viewer base before capping off the show with a brief overview of the new StreamLabs OBS. 


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January 2nd, 2018    

Ep.13 A Galaxy Too Far Away? (Part 1) - My Life In Games

In this two-part episode of My Life In Games with Silus and Sage, we discuss what our hosts have been up to over the Holidays. After recapping our experiences with Star Wars: Battlefront 2, the conversation goes "light speed" to a galaxy far, far, well very far away. That's right, you've probably guessed it by now - Star Wars: The Last Jedi. WARNING: Spoilers ahead, there will be. The latest Star Wars film discussion begins at 25:50. 


November 8th, 2017    

My Life In Games - EP. 12 Game with Weezer

On this episode of My Life In Games, Silus and Sage are joined by special Guest GameWithWeezer - ETF Bravo member for Tom Clancy’s: The Division. After we get to know a little more about Weezer, we discuss what games we’re playing and the “State of the Stream”. Sage rants about his undying love for Assassin’s Creed: Origins, as we discuss newer games we’re excited to get our hands on. Silus gives us an update on Nintendo, and we cap it off with in depth, personal views on what what the “Community” in Community Manager means to us, and perhaps gamers in general. Silus and Sage would like to extend a personal thanks to Weezer for being our special guest on this episode. If you’d like to reach out to Weezer, you may do so on Twitter and Twitch @GameWithWeezer Want the latest news on upcoming episodes? Don’t forget to follow us @SilusandSage on Twitter and: Silus: @Silus_Wyvern Sage: @OrenjiiroSage


October 26th, 2017    

Episode 11 - b0RKED 3.0

In this Episode Silus & Sage update on the impact of hurricane irma.. life mostly back to normal. They Discuss the impact on their streams, life as a streamer, upcomming games like assassins creed origins & starwars battlefront II, nintendo did wha???? and much more!


September 8th, 2017    

My Life In games - Ep. 10 Road Lake

Silus & Sage largely under the influence, discuss the incomming Hurricane to Florida and how it's impacted their gaming lifes + destiny 2


August 29th, 2017    

Stream Life

In this episode silus & sage talk gaming but focus more on streaming and content creation. What is bitrate and how does that pertain to a new streamer? What are the top things a new streamer shouldnt do, and so much more!


July 25th, 2017    


In this episode, Silus and Sage discuss the Atari Box Teaser - Will they recapture the nostalgia?, Silus' adventures with Mixer, Destiny 2 BETA - Some Flavor for Vanilla Quitters?, A tiny BF2 update, X.B.O.X. - Are we buying in?, and our Indy Game Favorites this week.

July 6th, 2017    

Getting Personal

In Episode 7 – “Getting Personal”. Silus and Sage start off with a review on what games they’ve been playing since we last checked in. As you may have guessed, Sage is STILL playing The Division and ESO: Morrowind. They follow that up with an in depth discussion on the E3 conference, epic wins and disappointments, all while diving deeper in to the art of presentation. There were clearly some who captured the gleeful delight of gamers and those who left us scratching our heads. In conclusion, they take time to “Get Personal”, discuss their unique journeys in the world of Streaming, share lessons learned, and impart heartfelt advice to the aspiring entertainer. Interested in interacting with the first PodCast centered in the Anthem Universe? Follow @AnthemUniverse on Twitter and join the Discord. You might just chat with one of the Devs! Want the latest news about My Life in Games with Silus and Sage? Follow us on Twitter @SilusandSage Curious to learn more about your favorite Host? Follow them on Twitter below: Silus @Silus_Wyvern | Sage @OrenjiiroSage


May 26th, 2017    

Murphy’s Law

Silus and Sage talk to a very special guest McMurphy the ADMIN of the adult gaming community/clan GUNSLINGER GAMING. We talk the upcomming Destiny 2, the origins of GunslingerGaming, how gaming and the online clan/community landscape has changed, and so much more!


May 2nd, 2017    

New Stuff, Old Bag

In Ep. 5 - New Stuff, Old Bag | Silus and Sage catch up on SIlus' Mario Kart adventures, reflect on the Star Wars Gaming franchise as a whole before discussing the battle lost in BattleFront 1 and its subsequent DLC. Will BattleFront 2 conjure up the clairvoyance to obtain the elusive glee of gamers, and what's worse, Star Wars fans? Silus chats on his most recent and final Mass Effect Andromeda stream, then we explore the changing world of streaming and how it can influence gamers to click the purchase button -in the case of Sage, watching Silus’ Persona 5 stream.


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