My Live In Games - Ep. 24 Borked 4.0

In this episode Silus, Sage and Neutron catch up on the happenings over the past few weeks before diving into a very special announcement! (Seriously, it's awesome.) Next on the docket, we discuss the changes to Twitch's ad-free viewing experience and how that affects the MLIG crew as well as broadcasters network-wide. The Geforce RTX 20 series released its preorders and promptly sold out - we discuss who may benefit from the pricey upgrade. In July, No Man's Sky accumulated $24m, potentially make a power play on Fortnite? Silus and the crew deep dive into what it would take to dethrone the current battle royale king. Sage takes a moment to appreciate Assasins Creed Origins and talks about October's Odyssey release - How is Ubisoft able to release both titles within such a small amount of time? Neutron rounds out the discussion with Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC (Spoiler: We really like it. There are no story spoilers here, however!)

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